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Farm Awareness for Food Preservation Initiative (FAFPI) is a Non-Governmental Organization which is established with the aim of advocating for a farming system that will be Healthy to human, Ecological Friendly, Fair to all and Care for the ecosystem.

We advocate and encourage farmers to diversify into organic agriculture as a source of livelihood for unemployed youths, and general health sustainability of the growing populace. The organization is into connecting farmers to off-takers, creating awareness, training and supporting farmers (Women, Youths, Students e.t.c) in different areas of farm development projects and agricultural business.

FAFPI is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number CAC/IT/87517 and also a member affiliate of IFOAM (International Forum of Organic Agriculture Members) ORGANICS INTERNATIONAL which is the world apex body of organic agriculture.

To mobilize and educate the people, women, students, youths both home and abroad, to realize the urgent need to go back to eco-friendly organic farming for quality food security and health safety consciousness. Also to ensure sustainable youth empowerment and community transformation through agriculture which will drastically reduce the rate of rural–urban migration and undue mass exodus abroad resulting from social insecurity, hunger, poverty and unemployment.


To ensure the best quality food in all aspects of farming. To ensure society adopts organic farming as a culture and encourage post-harvest preservation to increase food export and maintain food security in Nigeria. Train farmers in modern technological practices to promote our agriculture industry to international standard.

Our main objective is to portray a great image of agriculture and its potential, more also encourage people to embrace Organic farming culture. We wish to establish a synergy between farmers and network of food processors, traders, government bodies, cooperatives, companies, association, clubs etc. in order to establish food security and combat hunger, malnutrition, poverty and unemployment in our society.


From small to large mega scale mechanized farming, Nigeria beckons. Nigerians, young and old are embracing farming and the diversity is stunning. Be it bee farming, ginger farming, snail farming, cashew, millet, cassava, yams, plantains, fish, livestock, goats and much more.
Oh yes, Nigerians and foreign investors backed by a highly proactive government have dived into farming and our objective is to bring to you what ever you need to know to embrace all forms of farming. We are FARM AWARENESS


1. Create awareness for organic farming and food preservation among citizens to engage in farm production for food sustainability.
2. To bring together all farmers in Nigeria for the purpose of improving organic farming system.
3. Establish a global Farming / Food preservation culture and Food Security Network among of the citizenry.
4. Create wealth and job opportunities for the teaming jobless youths.
5. Reduce Rural/Urban migration or mass exodus to urban zones.
6. Create financial support system to support organic farmers and reduce poverty.
7. To promote sustainable development among farmers.
8. Deployment of modern farming machines and equipment to the communities through collaboration with development partners.
9. Intensive improvement of Organic Agriculture, community farming and individual approach through training.
10. Engage in Farming and Food preservation Projects, Policing, Regulations, Inspections, Monitoring
Enforcement and Supervision of farm processes.
11. To ensure post-harvest preservation Advocacy.
12. Engage in farmer’s security and Life/Safety Assurance in farming process.
13. Establish demo Farm Settlements for FAFPI in Rural Communities for Food Preservation / Security.


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Location and Address

FAFPI Head Office Address

Cop 23 Abuja – Dubai Complex, Kaura District.

Abuja – Nigeria

Phone: +2348033227257, +2348126893413

Email: info@farmawareness.org

Website: www.farmawareness.org

Number of States where the organization operates

FAFPI State Offices

Kaduna, Kano, F.C.T, Benue, Nasarawa, Plateau, Kogi, Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu and Lagos